Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whooo Dare...

Finally found time to do another card. I felt adventurous and decided to do a digital card, using all digital graphics rather than stamps and markers. It was fun doing it but challenging as well. Every spooky thing I put into the windows or on the front porch had to be minimized to the size of a...a...well...whatever...they ended up pretty tiny.

The digital kit I opted to use was once again "Halloween Hoot" by WinkArtGraphics.

The kit can be found at It is a newer version than the one I have. One of the main reasons I chose to use the kit again was the beautiful white owl you see above. For a couple of years, I have wanted to put him in some kind of card and never figured out what until now. The haunted house is one of the kit's background papers. Pretty cool, isn't it?

For extra decorations I used a Halloween ribbon...even the "Happy Halloween" sentiment is a part of a ribbon. I also added two colors of glitter glue and one Chenille stem because I thought the glittery colors helped the card pop.

Since I elected to write the sentiment directly onto the graphic, I decided to gift you with another version of the sentiment.

I hope you like it. It's been saved as a JPG file.

I think the white owl really helps the black and grey colors stand out. In the future I plan to print out the word art and attach it to heavy cardboard then layer the sentiment above a stamped graphic with pop up foam squares.

Here's what I did with the inside of the card just to be different.

Notice I included a sentiment in the clouds and added a few ghosts and another one of the kit's owls. Only this guy is black and definitely has an attitude. Grin.

If you ever opt to use my word art, I'd love to hear about it. It always makes me feel so good.

Until next time...Happy Crafting.
Lady E.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Well...twenty minutes after I posted my blog, I went out to the car...remember those errands?...inserted the key in the ignition and all I got was...erunnnn, erunnnn. WONDERFUL...battery's dead!

Things normally comes in THREE's, don't they??


Gotta admit. The past two days, I've been mentally dragging. Air conditioner went out and it got kinda warm inside. I figured if the dogs had to stick it out by staying home then so should I. (Actually, it was more like...waiting for the repairman to set time when he'd arrive.)'s still hot in in the land of sunny desert.
Autumn does not exist.

BUT...I did manage to finish a card I started before my world turned HOT. I opted to use a colored digi from an online Halloween Kit titled, "Kimberly's Boo Add On #1" The designer is Kimberly Stewart from Scrapbook-Elements. This is another of my favorite sites to get digital graphics.

Here's the card I made.

This is the inside of the card.

I thought maybe you'd like to have the word art I made to go with my card.

For the front of the card. I left it plain so you could decide how you wanted it.
I opted to use an outer yellow glow to enhance the word.

PNG File

JPG File

For the inside of the card I uploaded the entire section, minus the back paper so you could choose your own. You can use orange for the color behind the text, or with your graphic program, change the inner color something other than orange.

PNG File

Included below is the sentiment without any background.
(Saved as a PNG File.)

I've added the Happy Halloween sentiment in black and white
in case you prefer no color.
(Saved as a PNG File)

That's it for errands to run.

Until next time...Happy Crafting

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ghostly Greetings

It took me more than a few days, but I managed to get another card done.

This time I used Elizabeth O. Dulena's color page, "Pumpkin Ghost". I thought it was such a cute graphic and wanted to expand on it. I love the expressions on the pumpkins and the happy face on the ghost.

When I first saw this graphic, I had the image of the little guy popping out unexpectedly from pumpkin and wishing everyone ghostly greetings.

Ergo...the reason for my word art of the day.

The materials I used for the card were:
Background paper and the paper for the circle around the word art: 3Scrapateers' "Halloween Hoot" by WinksArtGraphics

Note: has some nice material on their site. WinksArtGraphic website has lots of goodies, graphics, and digital files to choose from.

The Bling came from Michaels, Recollection series.
The pumpkin background was cut with one of Spellbinders, pumpkin dies.

A special thanks goes to Elizabeth O. Dulena for giving us such a cute graphic.

Here are the choices you have for word art to download:

PNG (small printout with black background)

PNG (Large black background to cut with a die)

PNG (with just word art, no background)

I also made the word art with a red outline and an orange outline. All the files are saved as JPGs as well. If you'd like to have those, shoot me an e-mail and I will send them to you.

I still have to learn how attach a zip file to my posts. I expect it's not hard, just haven't spent time trying to figure it out.

Until next time...Happy Crafting

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Gory Details of a Birthday Card

Lately, my daughter has kept me busy creating cards for her. (Isn't it wonderful that a daughter actually supports her mother's obsession?) A day ago she came to me wanting a birthday card for a friend of hers. I usually keep several theme cards on hand. Nothing fit what she wanted and put out a request for this and that. I went in search of this and a that. Because I was under a deadline, I didn't have time to design a special word art for the card. I showed her the various word arts I've collected. She chose Meljens Designs "Happy Birthday" digi. She also picked out one of Kenny K Download's Glam Gang. "Miss Thang." The background paper was from S.E.I.'s Blossom Paper Pack.

Here's what I came up with.

I have to admit I was fairly pleased with how I colored "Miss Thang". Even her skin tone came out okay. (For once) BUT...the dang glitter stumbled me up. SHEESH!

Or, should I say "the GLUE did?"

I opted to use Sizzix's Flower Layer's #2 to make flowers to go with the background paper. I thought the flowers could use more glitz. Off I trotted and attempted to spray 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive over them.

Side note: I've had a can for centuries. (Back in the days when I used to do newsletters by cutting, gluing, and pasting text and graphics onto template sheets then run it up to a printer.)

After five minutes of getting the extra adhesive off my fingers, (so I could pick up the dang tiny flowers) I managed to sprinkle glitter over them. Of course, by that time some glue dried and glitter didn't stick...

IT DID on me!!! (I had to go pick up my dogs at the vet with glitter in my hair, face, hands, and clothes--made for interesting conversation with the vet.)

Isn't life exciting?

Here's what I looked like after a I managed to get all the glue off

Due to repairing myself to look normal, I don't have a word art for you to download with this card, however, I will have something for you in a couple of days. Keep checking back, okay?

Until then...Happy Crafting!
Lady E

Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Greetings

Today's freebie is the word art "Autumn Greetings". I designed it several days ago but did nothing with it until I could make up my mind which graphic to use. Last night I decided upon The Sherlocks Home free digi graphic "Alyssa Raking Leaves". You can find under the date posted August 26, 2011.

The thing is...I first decided to color Alyssa's skin just a normal skin tone...then...I got the brilliant idea to make her look like she's been out in the cold, you know, red nose and cheeks kind of thing? Ha! Now she looks like she's have a massive sunburn. SIGH.'s the card...the before (too much sun)

Here she is with her winter nose and cheeks. all can stop laughing now.

I told you skin tone and I have a long...long way to go. One of these days I'll get the hang of it. (Thinking positive here.) How many of you noticed, I gave Alyssa a sweater vest to wear instead of just a shirt? (snarky grin)

Enough of that...

Here is the word art. Enjoy.
The first version is a PNG.

JPG Version

PNG Version

JPG Version

I thought you might like to have the graphic as well...
to add your own word art to if you needed something Autumn like.

This graphic is a PNG version only

For those of you experiencing the Autumn season already, I hope you'll put my gift. to good use For those of us who will have to wait a few more months, or miss an Autumn season completely...pretend there's Autumn.

All the best.
Lady E.

I am so excited...Borqna used my word art for one of her cards. Here's it is. I just love Ugg. He certainly has a mission in mind. Grin.

Take some time and visit Borqna's blog. She is from Bulgaria and she has some wonderful cards to view. Thanks Borqna.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cool Crisp Air

Oh Happy Day...everyone.

As promised I created a new word art for you.  I designed it to go along with a card I made with a graphic I downloaded from Di's Digi Downloads.

The poem I wrote on a whim. Here is it's graphic design the way I used it in the card.

PNG File

JPG File
Below is the poem without any design. That way if you choose to used different colors, you will be able to print it out and work with it the way you'd like.

PNG File

JPG File

Have a productive and happy week.
Lady E.