Friday, October 7, 2011

The Gory Details of a Birthday Card

Lately, my daughter has kept me busy creating cards for her. (Isn't it wonderful that a daughter actually supports her mother's obsession?) A day ago she came to me wanting a birthday card for a friend of hers. I usually keep several theme cards on hand. Nothing fit what she wanted and put out a request for this and that. I went in search of this and a that. Because I was under a deadline, I didn't have time to design a special word art for the card. I showed her the various word arts I've collected. She chose Meljens Designs "Happy Birthday" digi. She also picked out one of Kenny K Download's Glam Gang. "Miss Thang." The background paper was from S.E.I.'s Blossom Paper Pack.

Here's what I came up with.

I have to admit I was fairly pleased with how I colored "Miss Thang". Even her skin tone came out okay. (For once) BUT...the dang glitter stumbled me up. SHEESH!

Or, should I say "the GLUE did?"

I opted to use Sizzix's Flower Layer's #2 to make flowers to go with the background paper. I thought the flowers could use more glitz. Off I trotted and attempted to spray 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive over them.

Side note: I've had a can for centuries. (Back in the days when I used to do newsletters by cutting, gluing, and pasting text and graphics onto template sheets then run it up to a printer.)

After five minutes of getting the extra adhesive off my fingers, (so I could pick up the dang tiny flowers) I managed to sprinkle glitter over them. Of course, by that time some glue dried and glitter didn't stick...

IT DID on me!!! (I had to go pick up my dogs at the vet with glitter in my hair, face, hands, and clothes--made for interesting conversation with the vet.)

Isn't life exciting?

Here's what I looked like after a I managed to get all the glue off

Due to repairing myself to look normal, I don't have a word art for you to download with this card, however, I will have something for you in a couple of days. Keep checking back, okay?

Until then...Happy Crafting!
Lady E


  1. Waaahahahaaha - LARF !!! The old glitter problem eh ???!!! Yes - been there, done that, got the T-shirt :-D I have walked round for DAYS covered in glitter... it does get everywhere doesn't it. Love this story - nice to hear you 'glammed up' for the vet hee hee.
    Your card is brilliant - FABULOUS colouring on that KK image :-D
    Ike xx

  2. wonderful card! Your coloring is wonderful too! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and for becoming one of my followers!

  3. Hi Christine! Thanks for answering my e-mail so I could find your blog; yay! I made it! I think your card is wonderful and you're not the first to get glittered! lol I won't even go near spray adhesive!! Love the sassy image too!

  4. At least it was the vet and not the ob/gyn! :D Great birthday card, by the way.

  5. Awesome card! I can relate in so many ways about the glitter! What I want to know is why do people always ask, do you know you have glitter all over you? Do they think we work in a glitter factory, and didn't realize we missed about a million spots? lol Anyway, thanks for the awesome skeleton!

  6. You poor thing. Next time try soaking your hands in warm water with a little dish soap in it. I learned the hard way.

  7. Thanks for the skeleton. I hope you survive the gluing.


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