Thursday, November 6, 2014

Creative Thought Part Two

Another idea I had for creative thinking. For some reason, the theme is galloping in my head. I created this page using acrylics and chalk, along with a stencil to portray the feathers. The stencil was a TCW.

I am beginning to understand stencils...use them wisely. Liquids run...don't use...unless you want your page to look messy. Which come to think of it, my pages usually do look strange, because I still am trying to learn how different mediums work with other mediums. SIGH

Now for another page I recently created. I really like this one because I managed to start from a weird background of green splots...from there...I decided I was in the mood for a flower and off I went...drawing a daisy. Or, maybe a sunflower missing a few leaves. Either way, I had fun painting it. I used acrylics mostly.

Until next time, happy creating...whatever you're doing.