Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Missed My Friday Freebie Last Week

Sorry about that...

Last weekend was the Annual Chocolate Affaire held in Glendale, Arizona. My writing partner, Dani, and I co-chaired our writing group's booth. Which meant I was away from home from Wednesday through Sunday. I had hopes to upload my free gift before I left, but was unable to do it.

So to make up for missing last Friday, I'm offering three free Valentine pinch bags for your enjoyment. (Directions on how to construct a pinch bag is listed at the end of post.)

My first gift is a kitty pinch bag. I've titled it, "Purrfect Sweetheart".

All graphics and background paper for Purrfect Sweetheart came from Trina Clark, Digi Scrap Kits. Font used: Holly Script.

For my second gift, I've titled it "Joyful Hearts."

Again all graphics from Trina Clark, Digi Scrap Kits

The third gift is "Be Mine." I really like this bag. It's bright and festive.

Graphics and background paper used for the bag came from Designs by Shelle at ScrapWow.com. Unfortunately the kit is no longer available. However the website has many other wonderful kits to choose from. Font used: Classic

Pinch Box
Cut box from card stock following the dark solid lines.
Where lines are dotted fold inward to the white side box.
Glue smaller tabs on outside and press to the bottom of a larger tab.
Fold other tab and glue to bottom, press against inside larger tab.
Glue vertical tab that runs alongside the box against the inside of the other side.
Once glue has dried, press the top of the box together gently,
making sure side folds bend inward slightly.
Bring top lid over to seal the box.

Attach Velcro underneath top flap to secure box closed.
To hang box, punch two holes (centered) along fold of of flap.
Insert a matching ribbon through holes and tie.

Printing: For a small box print in full page fax mode.
For larger box use the full page photo mode.

Valentine's Day is next week...meaning I'll be through with posting free Valentine gifts. Starting on Friday, February 17, I'll be offering St. Patrick's Day goodies.

Until next time...Happy Crafting.
Lady E.