Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Greetings

Today's freebie is the word art "Autumn Greetings". I designed it several days ago but did nothing with it until I could make up my mind which graphic to use. Last night I decided upon The Sherlocks Home free digi graphic "Alyssa Raking Leaves". You can find under the date posted August 26, 2011.

The thing is...I first decided to color Alyssa's skin just a normal skin tone...then...I got the brilliant idea to make her look like she's been out in the cold, you know, red nose and cheeks kind of thing? Ha! Now she looks like she's have a massive sunburn. SIGH.'s the card...the before (too much sun)

Here she is with her winter nose and cheeks. all can stop laughing now.

I told you skin tone and I have a long...long way to go. One of these days I'll get the hang of it. (Thinking positive here.) How many of you noticed, I gave Alyssa a sweater vest to wear instead of just a shirt? (snarky grin)

Enough of that...

Here is the word art. Enjoy.
The first version is a PNG.

JPG Version

PNG Version

JPG Version

I thought you might like to have the graphic as well...
to add your own word art to if you needed something Autumn like.

This graphic is a PNG version only

For those of you experiencing the Autumn season already, I hope you'll put my gift. to good use For those of us who will have to wait a few more months, or miss an Autumn season completely...pretend there's Autumn.

All the best.
Lady E.

I am so excited...Borqna used my word art for one of her cards. Here's it is. I just love Ugg. He certainly has a mission in mind. Grin.

Take some time and visit Borqna's blog. She is from Bulgaria and she has some wonderful cards to view. Thanks Borqna.


  1. Thanks for the freebe.

  2. Oh, you do make me laugh :-D Her face was fine the first time. !! She looks good with pink too, so I wouldn;t worry. It's ALL trial and error isn't it ????
    Thank you for the FAB word art and Acorns graphic... AWESOME :-)
    I've given you another plug on my Day 5 blog post :-D :-D
    Any chance of doing a Word Art with "Spoooky" ??????? (big grins)
    Ike xxxx

  3. wee hee - the comment worked first time :-D

  4. Wonderful graphic! Can't wait to see some more. :)

  5. LOL!!! Well, I can tell you for a fact, that is how red my face would DEFINITELY be if I was outside raking leaves. That takes more exertion than lifting my baby finger, you know! I think your card rocks, regardless of what you think. :)

  6. Graphic is lovely. You are certainly creative. i will stop back again and see what you have created. And thanks for the freebe.

  7. These wordart are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!

  8. It was so nice to meet you yesterday at the Copic class too :) I love your blog and your word art is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your awesome creativity with us! I can't wait to collect your word art and use it on my cards. Also wanted to say thank you for giving us so many different options of how and different parts to use. Nicely done!

    Hugs, Jan @ She's gone digital...

  9. These R wonderful thank you for the lovely sentiments.

  10. I made a card with your ART words. I hope you will enjoy it.
    Glad you share your talent and ideas. I wish you success!


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