Friday, October 14, 2011


Gotta admit. The past two days, I've been mentally dragging. Air conditioner went out and it got kinda warm inside. I figured if the dogs had to stick it out by staying home then so should I. (Actually, it was more like...waiting for the repairman to set time when he'd arrive.)'s still hot in in the land of sunny desert.
Autumn does not exist.

BUT...I did manage to finish a card I started before my world turned HOT. I opted to use a colored digi from an online Halloween Kit titled, "Kimberly's Boo Add On #1" The designer is Kimberly Stewart from Scrapbook-Elements. This is another of my favorite sites to get digital graphics.

Here's the card I made.

This is the inside of the card.

I thought maybe you'd like to have the word art I made to go with my card.

For the front of the card. I left it plain so you could decide how you wanted it.
I opted to use an outer yellow glow to enhance the word.

PNG File

JPG File

For the inside of the card I uploaded the entire section, minus the back paper so you could choose your own. You can use orange for the color behind the text, or with your graphic program, change the inner color something other than orange.

PNG File

Included below is the sentiment without any background.
(Saved as a PNG File.)

I've added the Happy Halloween sentiment in black and white
in case you prefer no color.
(Saved as a PNG File)

That's it for errands to run.

Until next time...Happy Crafting


  1. Such a funny, cute card!! Thanks for sharing the sentiments too!

  2. Brilliant card - very funny. Thank you for the Word Art. I hope you get your aircon fixed soon and I reckon you should go out and give your car a huuuuuge thwacking with a bit stick !!!! That'll learn it !!
    Ike xxx

  3. ooops ..sorry... I meant BIG stick !!!


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