Friday, September 30, 2011

A Get Well Card

An older relative has been sick, so I spent yesterday putting together a card for her from my granddaughter. Though I didn't actually use any of the digi graphics I've collected for this card, I still wanted to share it with you. Let me know what you think. The card is larger than a normal card. I have some fancy special-sized envelopes and wanted to send the card in one of them.

Since the card was to be from my granddaughter, I put her name on the little girl.

My daughter wanted me to use use this Magnolia stamp in the card, so I started coloring away. I'm still not sure about skin tones (just how much color to use), so my little girl's skin ended up being a bit darker than I intended it to be. And, and her red hair (Skyla has red hair) still needs a bit more of a lesson learned, or practiced, or...whatever.

In the next day or two, I'll be posting a new free Word Art. Not sure if it will be another Halloween design, Thanksgiving, or an Autumn one. Got several ideas churning away in my brain.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Remember, I'd love to hear from everyone, so please take a moment and leave a comment.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Nymph

With Autumn arriving in the northern parts of the world...I wanted to work on Ike's World graphic "Autumn Nymph". I also decided to try something different with it. It was a learning lesson on how to blend two different colors. I'm new at using copics. Self-taught you might say.

Recently I adopted the hit and miss or hit and land method. If it works HoorayIf not...punt.

Punting is actually a good thing. It gives me a chance to be experimental. Which, in turn, teaches me to be more creative. I like that. It's a win-win situation.

So...with fanfare...below is my take on "Autumn Nymph" and the Word Art I designed for it. Let me know what you think.

I learned a lot by blending our Nymph's hair with different autumn colors. By the way, this card is a 5X5-sized card. I made it larger so I could fit the larger leaves behind the graphic.

Here are the files for my Word Art.
I included the design with leaves and without.

That way you can choose whichever file
works best with your own card. Have fun.
JPG File

PNG File

JPG File

PNG File

When you do design a card with my Word Art, let me know.
I'd love to see what you've done with them.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Monday!

Today's free Word Art came about because I fell in love with Ike's World delightful "Pointing Witch". When I first saw her I was certain she wanted to say something to me.  I opened my mind and the first thing I heard was "Beware of the Witching Hour".  Ooooh, that did it for me. I had to make a card with her saying it to others.

Here's where you can get the graphic. It's on page 5.   Pointing Witch

So...a' draftin' I went. I came up with several options. I decided to offer both for your consideration. Enjoy!

JPG Plain

PNG Plain

JPG Blended

PNG Blended

I will be posting another of Ike's graphics tomorrow.
With a new Word Art freebie. Be sure to check back for it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Gifts to You

Here are the phrases I designed for two of my cards.
To access them click on the words to pull up a full screen.
Right click on image, then select "save as"

JPG File

PNG File

JPG File

PNG File

Halloween Cards - My Take

In between battling a flu bug, working on a manuscript with my writing partner, and babysit my granddaughter, I did manage to make a few Halloween cards.  Here are 3 I managed to complete using some of the free graphics I've received. Other cards I have chosen to use, I will finish late and post them as soon as I can.


The main graphic I chose for the focal point
in the above card is from Creepy Cute Stamps.
The other graphics are from Kimberly Stewart's "Boo Kit",
which can be purchased at The phrase I made myself.

For this card I chose Dustin Pike's generous free graphic "Pumpkin Head". I opted to use his colored image.  The word art I took from the "Great Googly Moogly" collaboration by Tracey Monette & Saxon Holt. The kit can be purchased from


 For this card, I chose a cute graphic from Beccy's Place. Because I've been short on time, I decided to use her pre-colored graphic version rather than the black and white one and color it myself. The phrase "Best Witches!" I made because I wanted to the word art to match the skirt.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Charm Bracelets

A selection of bracelets

Here are some of the charm bracelets I've made over the year. Some I wear myself, others I have given away as gifts or prizes. I like putting together color coordinating bracelets.  It's been fun.

Some of my earlier cards

Here are some of my cards I've created in the past. I did them for two specific reasons:

1. Simplicity - so they could slip easily into an envelope.

2. Inside addition - so they could carry a generic saying or phrase, or an extra graphic.

It's a Beginning

I did it. Opened up a new blog site. This one will be used for craft thoughts. Now it's just a matter of figuring out how to find friends and share how I feel about my crafting. Which is mostly card making and jewelry making.