Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Charm Bracelets

A selection of bracelets

Here are some of the charm bracelets I've made over the year. Some I wear myself, others I have given away as gifts or prizes. I like putting together color coordinating bracelets.  It's been fun.


  1. These look really great but I can't make the pikkie bigger :-(
    I've never tried jewellry making myself but do loads of other stuff.
    What sort of cardmaking stuff do you have/use ?
    Are you into digital image colouring etc.?
    Hoping to see more cards soon.
    If you fancy joining a cool Club with loads of Freebies and Challenges, try the Crafter's Digital Art Centre... it's great fun and they are a friendly bunch AND it may be a way to enlarge your friends groups. :-) The link is:

  2. Good point. I photographed these bracelets from a distance wanting to get all of them in. Guess I'll have to start doing them one at a time.

    You're other questions are great. I'll answer them in my blog one at a time. Often I can get a bit wordy (must be the writer in me). So it will be best to do them separately.

    I'll also check out Crafter's Digital Art Centre. I've popped into a few places before but always get overwhelmed by the talent and just lurk. Grin.

  3. Ike,I jumped over to the site and I must have joined a while back, because it recognized me immediately (that made me feel good). I see that on the right there lots of tutorials. It looks like I'll have fun here. Thanks for comments and great suggestions.

  4. Ohhhh, those are pretty! I see you are multi-talented!


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