Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Creative Thought

Yesterday evening, while looking for something not art related in my very messy library (I call it the library because the room is loaded with books), I came across a picture I'd saved one time or another. An idea hit me for a journal page and out came my art things.

Since the World Series was on, I decide to work on my idea while half watching the game. I'm rooting for Kansas City and my husband for San Fransisco. Despite being not too happy at the final score (San Fransisco won), I was pretty pleased at my final drawing. I used a combination of art mediums: Distress Paints, Colored Pens, Molding Paste colored with acrylic paints, a leaf stamp, and two leaf stencils.

Today I came up with the sentiment because for me I decided the leaves represented thoughts floating in the Universe.

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