Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where's My Stuff?

Would you believe I still haven't found all of my craft stuff after our move. SIGH...I am so disjointed these days, not to mention I think age has caught up with me...I can't remember anything. I will put something down, walk away, come back and forget where I put it. The worst thing about it is, it is usually sitting right in front of me and I STILL don't see it!

Enough of might help explain why I haven't been active for awhile. With so many things going on around me, I've been a bit lax in updating my blog. (Sorry about that.)

However, I have been making cards, but just haven't had time to load some of them here.  BUT...yesterday...I was quite proud of myself. I made a nice Father's Day card and had to share it.

I used a couple of Free Vintage Digital Stamps graphics. They were downloaded a while back, but I'm sure Pamela still has them on her site somewhere. She has quite a few awesome vintage graphics to choose from. I've always wanted to do a Vintage card, but could not wrap my brain around on what to do. Yesterday, like I said, I had an eureka moment.

Here's the card.

It's not an elaborately made card, but will be easy to mail. (usually I make most of my cards to be mailed without having to use a lot of postage.)

The font I used for the sentiment was Freehand591BT. Nestabilities: Fleur De Lis Rectangle to enhance our dapper, young gentleman.

Here's the inside of the card.

The quote I made was inspired by Clarence Budington Kelland's lovely words. I decided to change it so it would read more generic than personal. The card sender could add his or her personal comments below the quote.

Following is a PNG of the sentiment I made. The fonts used were Engraves MT and Budmo Jiggler.

To make the inside frame, I printed the sentiment onto cream paper then went to my Cricut and cut a 4x5 inch scalloped frame (Accent Essentials) around the sentiment.

Note: Using Cricut Design Studio, I typeset several different styles of inside frames and saved them all in a "Frames" file. That way I don't have to reinvent the wheel every time I need a certain color and shape to go inside one of my cards. If you have a Cricut and Cricut Design Studio and would like to have a copy of my frames, let me know.)

Here's the sentiment in case you would like to use it some day.
That's it for now. I have other cards and material I would like to share with you and promise to get them up soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time...Happy Crafting.
Lady Editor


  1. Yay, found you, I need new reading glasses!
    Lovely card! The backing papers are fabulous!!Love the die-cut shape too, love Freehand591BT use that one a lot. Love Budmo Jiggger, haven't got that one!


  2. Hi, Christine!
    Really we missed you very much. We waited for you longer.
    But the wait was worth it - we saw a beautiful card and great post!
    Thank you that you're back!

  3. Hi Christine - been missing you on here :-)
    This is a lovely card and that sentiment is divine. Fabulous creation :-)
    I am still struggling with my thumbs but have made a couple of digital creations recently - with my left hand !!!! It's good to get the old b***er back in use ! I always used to write with my left when I was a kid but was made to change. Forcing it back in use now though LoL
    Hope you are well and settled in now


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