Friday, January 6, 2012

A Valentine Free Gift

A Hundred Hearts

Since Christmas I have been double-darn busy. Mostly with family requirements. All during this time I felt there was a missing element my life. It caught up with me this afternoon.

I haven't offered a free gift on my blog for quite some time.

Well...I've taken care of that. Here is a gift.

It's a pinch bag. I love these things. They're great for holding all kinds of small gifts. Candy, little toys, gift cards, special surprises, etc. What's also awesome about these bags is you can store them in your computer for future valentine holidays. They won't take up space...or get lost under a pile of other paper gifts...and they're quick and easy to make.

Sooo...with that said...every Friday until February 14th, I'll offer a different Valentine's pinch Bag to save into your Valentine's Day Gift Folder.

Here is Valentine Gift 1: A Hundred Hearts

Click on the image to download.

A Hundred Hearts was created with artwork by Trina Clark, Home to Artwork by Trina Clark

Until next time...Happy Crafting


  1. Oh, Totally cool. Thank you. Great little bag.
    Lovely to see you back :-D
    Happy New Year
    Ike xxx

  2. It is very beautiful! I love it! I will seek a color printer and make this a great box! Thank you for your wonderful project and that share it with us! I wish you nice work!


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