Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Georgie and Georgina Card

Had some free time today. Yippee!

I decided to buckle down and put Georgie and Georgina in a card together. I also added a tree and various ornaments to be with them. I did it all on the computer. Let me tell you, designing and placing all the itty-bitty ornaments was a bit of work.

Remember my haunted house card a while back??? It was a lot like that. Whew!

Here's my new card.

As a free gift, I have added the tree I designed (unadorned) for you to download if you so wish. The tree is in black and white, and colored, PNG and JPG formats.

In the near future, I will add the word art I designed for this card. Right now it's late and I probably should stop before I do something silly with the post.

Until next time...Happy Crafting
Lady E.

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  1. Wey-hey - totally cool.... you got in some crafting time :-D
    LOVE the card - is brilliant. I am working on something at the moment with my gingerbread peeps. :-) Hopefully will be up later..... been a bit sick :-(
    Many Hugz
    Me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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